Quick reports from the floor…

Some quick reports from floor votes today, beyond what we provided on Twitter at @healthaccess, or www.twitter.com/healthaccess.

The Assembly passed AB786(Jones), sponsored by Health Access California, to provide better transparency in the health insurance market, and more confidence for consumers in their coverage. Republican legislators opposed the proposal as “limiting choice.” Recognizing the problems of “junk” insurance, Assemblyman Solorio spoke in favor of the bill after some amendments were taken.

Other bills that passed include AB2(De La Torre) to regulate insurance rescissions, and SB227(Alquist) to reform the MRMIP high-risk pool.

One bill that didn’t pass was SB316(Alquist) to set a standard for medical loss ratios in insurance companies.

More later on these bills, but mostly back to the budget…

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.

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