Health reform: it’s on…

The Budget Conference Committee is scheduled to come back on Monday, June 8th at 2pm to start discussing and reviewing specific health care cuts. At stake is the health care coverage of over 2 million Californians, and the state’s health system on which we all rely.

While we in California have been focused on bills and budget, the federal health reform debate is now in full force. Earlier this week, President Obama sent key Senators a letter detailing more of his requirement, from more emphasis on cost containment to the need for a public health insurance option.

Friday, a “draft of a draft” of was released by Senator Ted Kennedy’s office of a health reform bill. We’ll have an update and some analysis later. (Courtesy of The Hill, here’s a copy of the 170+ pages, which is understood to be only a part of a broader package.) Other proposals, especially in the House, will also be introduced. Now, the debate is very real.

Finally, Ezra Klein at The Washington Post has a post describing the very intense calendar for June and July for the five committees that will consider and debate health reform.

As they said in Belmont today, “and they’re off…”

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