Exhausted, exhilerated…

While the budget battles continue in Sacramento, I’ve been in Washington, DC, with several dozen California leaders, visiting with many in the California delegation on health reform.

Although you might not notice it with the deaths of Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett, today there was a rally in Washington, DC, of nearly 10,000 folks from around the country for an incredibly large Health Care for America Now “lobby day,” paralleled by dozens of “echo” events across the country, including in San Francisco, Fresno, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

It was good to hear our the excitement and the seriousness of purpose from Congressional leaders and their staff. It was fun to see a glimpse of a meeting of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which included testimony from Californians like John Arensmeyer of Small Business Majority, and Howard Kahn of L.A. Care–which is the current largest “public health insurance option” in the nation, but hopefully won’t be after health reform passes.

We need to keep the pressure on… the momentum is significant, but we were also warned that there’s a lot of work to quell the opposition, to specific important provisions, and to the whole enterprise of health reform. Lots more to do!

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