Are we blind to the impacts of health cuts?

Here’s a new video about the California budget and the impacts of the health care cuts from the centrist New America Foundation–with whom we don’t agree on everything, but they work to be thoughtful. With colorful pie charts and some suggestive accompanying music, they make the point that a single-minded focus on the budget leads to health cuts that simply make no sense if considered regarding the cut’s true impact:

Last year, we made a similar point about the cost shift of these budget cuts when we commissioned a study, “Adverse Reaction: Proposed Health Budget Cuts Would Lead to Increased Health Insurance Premiums.” The Governor has made his similar point when he referred to the “hidden tax” in our private premiums, yet he continues to insist on cuts to Healthy Families, and continue to oppose even the revenues he supported during health reform.

Just this past week, we released another study, THE WORST PRESCRIPTION FOR CALIFORNIA’S ECONOMY: Analyzing the Economic Impacts of Health and Human Service Cuts, which reaffirms the other point of the video about the significant negative economic impacts of the latest budget proposals, especially with respect to health care.

Hopefully, this information will have an impact on the budget votes now expected on Thursday.

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