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In addition to the Washington Post’s new health reform page, and Ezra Klein’s new virtual outpost at the paper, there’s another reason to update your web browser bookmark lists.

Kaiser Health News is a new, nonprofit journalism site, providing new reporting that is offered on the web and to other media outlets. We’ve commented on the wrenching changes in the media, and this is an attempt to continue good journalism around health issues even as the industry is in turmoil.

It also includes good links and resources, including a blog and blog watch on health issues. They even had a quick update on state-based health blogs, citing our budget reporting.

The excellent journalists behind Kaiser Health News are very familiar to California readers. They include Julie Appleby, who reported in California before going on to a prominent national health beat at USA Today, and Jordan Rau, the infamous Los Angeles Times reporter who just moved from Sacramento.

Rau’s article spotlighting a hospital in New Jersey as a case study in cost containment is getting a lot of attention, as a complementary feature to Atul Gawande’s much-discussed, must-read New Yorker article on health care costs.

Happy reading.

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