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their own – will actually increase the number of jobs in this country if enacted as part of broader health reform efforts.
That broader part is key, as getting more jobs out of this system is dependent on really reforming it. The reasons that are cited for more job creation only are valid if reform is wide-ranging [pdf]:
1) the creation of new jobs in the health care sector; 2) increased worker productivity due to improved health;3) efficiency gains in labor markets;4) savings for employers now providing expensive coverage who choose to “pay” instead of “play;” and potentially largest of all,5) system‐wide savings from a reduced rate of health care cost growth.
There’s another reason for shared responsibility, however, that is often overlooked but crucially important. Shared responsibility is actually a way of incentivizing employers to cover their employees [pdf].
You know how conservatives are always saying a public health insurance option will cause businesses to drop their health care coverage? Well, they won’t if there’s shared
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