Voters reject a cap and cuts to health…

Voters rejected locking flawed formulas into the state constitution, which would have limited the state’s ability to invest in its future.

Looking forward, we need a budget that gets us out of our current mess, with the Legislature making the tough choices of persuing not just cuts but also revenues to prevent the worst of the cuts. We need to deal with the current budget crisis, rather than be distracted by constitutional amendments that further handcuff our ability to respond to our future needs.

There’s a lot of spinning about the mandate with regard to cuts and taxes. If anything, voters sent a clear signal against more cuts. Voters opposed cuts to health and other vital services with their Prop 1D and 1E votes. Voters also opposed a spending cap for a second time in four years, defeating Prop 1A by a similar margin to Prop 76 in 2005. (For all the talk about the impact of the taxes linked to Prop 1A, voting tallies exceeded by only a couple of percentage points the results of the Prop 76 vote, which was just a spending cap.)

These are important points to remember as we begin budget talks tomorrow….

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