The urgency of now…

Today, President Obama met with leaders of the U.S. House of Representatives on health reform, the third day in a row that the President has focused on health care in his public schedule. He’s clearly launching a full campaign on the issue. Here’s the press conference, which includes three California representatives of importance: Speaker Pelosi, Chairman Waxman, and Chairman Miller:

The news is that they are committing to pass health reform on the House floor by July 31st, before the August recess. The implication is that the U.S. Senate will do the same–as Chairmen Baucus and Kennedy have committed–and they will use the August recess to negotiate out the differences between the House and the Senate, and pass a full plan as soon as September.

It also means that we expect to see the first versions of bills in a few weeks, with subcommittees taking up those bills next month, in June.

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