Rolling with the purple bus lady…

Every week, Health Access encounters people whose lives have been transformed by our health care system–those who find themselves denied for pre-existing conditions, or facing an enormous hospital bill that threatens to push them into bankruptcy. Many of them are moved to take action to change the health system–some of them sign-up for our E-mail alerts, others makes themselves available to testify at a press conference or hearing in Sacramento.

Kathie McClure outdoes most of them. She decided to focus her passion for health reform by driving a purple bus from her hometown in Georgia through the country, talking about the need for reform. Kathie’s son, Chris, has Type I Diabetes, and her daughter, Caitlin, has Epilepsy. Kathie’s children face a lifetime of health insurance crises, unaffordable insurance premiums, medical expenses, and drug costs. So Kathie is taking time off from her law practice to campaign for health reform.

She also founded an organization, at to help her in her mission and travels, and she has also been blogging at as she stops throughout the South and West. She’s not come to California, and Health Access has been happy to help host her.

She’s been an inspiration to many who meet her. We were happy to have her as part of our town hall meeting with Representative Susan Davis in San Diego, and at a Mother’s Day event in Los Angeles, and in our locations across the state.

(Right, McClure with Patrick Romano, the California director for the Health Care for America Now! campaign, along with Nancy Gomez, the Southern California organizer for Health Access. Above, the purple bus with some of the San Diego town hall participants; and other photos from the Mother’s Day-themed event in Los Angeles.)

We will need the passion and commitment of Kathie and many others like her if we are to finally win major, comprehensive health reform this year.

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