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For those looking for Friday links, there’s a new edition of Health Wonk Review, at Workers Comp Insider by Julie Ferguson. As the discussion on federal health reform heats up, this biweekly forum should get more interesting.

There’s also the ongoing dialogue at KQED’s Healthy Ideas, which has gone through a second round of comments about core health reform issues. We at Health Access are participants in both forums, with much of interest from other worthy contributors.

For those still wondering about those propositions in the May 19th election this coming Tuesday, there’s a good, inteligent debate by good people on both sides, at the website for the California Center for Research on Women and Families (CCRWF). Our contibution isn’t focused on May 19th–it is simply a broad update on legislation and budget issues regarding health care–but there’s many contributions from people on boths sides of the propositions.

We’ve written elsewhere about our take on Proposition 1A, and I was taken by the assessment of Mark Paul of the New America Foundation, which includes the analysis that several services, including “higher education, health, social services, parks and the environment — will be ratcheted down over time. And major initiatives to address pressing state problems, such as the health care reform proposed in 2007 by Governor Schwarzenegger, will become simply impossible to enact.” We agree with that assessment.

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