Even more cuts…

When the LAO suggested that the deficit was $3 billion more than the eye-popping $21 billion, the logical response was to finally put away the “no new taxes” rhetoric and indicate it was time to start looking at revenue increases.

Not so with Governor Schwarzenegger. His response is more cuts. And that’s on top of the additional cuts announced earlier this week, which are on top of both the May 14th Revise and the Contingency Plan.

The new cuts include the elimination of adult day care, a significant cut in the Californians who get IHSS home care, a 5% reduction in salary for all state employees, and $68 million additional dollars found when completely eliminating the Healthy Families program.

We haven’t yet included these figures yet in our Health Access one-pager that details all the health care budget cuts, but other than that it is reasonable up to date.

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