Either way, the budget will be ugly…

The size of California’s budget deficit is massive. The Sacramento Bee reports that the projected deficit for 2009-10 is now $15.4 billion to $21.3 billion–with the $5 billion of that swing dependent on the fate of Proposition 1C (and the final $1 billion on Props 1D & 1E).

The Governor says they will release a budget of what will happen with and without the full package (often lumping in Prop 1A into this year’s mess, when it won’t have an impact for two years.), but regardless of the fate of any of the measures, the budget will look beyond bleak.

In Kevin Yamamura’s Bee article on Sunday, I tried to even imagine what the health cuts might look like, but given the cuts already made, anything else is simply unfathomable. We’ll see…

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