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Our newly redesigned, newly renamed Health Access Blog, newly relocated at http://blog.health-access.org/, will continue to be a central place for quick updates about the health care budget cuts.

But there’s some other new resources for good information about the budget. The most notable is the blog by Budget Conference Committee Chair Noreen Evans, Assemblywoman from Napa Valley, who has taken a leadership role in highlighting the tragic choices presented by the Governor’s budget–a role that we hope the legislative leaders would take up.

She even presented this Internet video, that explodes several myths about the budgeting process. She explains how the majority of our increased spending is simply taking into account population and inflation, that our structural deficit is caused more by tax cuts rather than increase program spending, and how much of the state budget is restricted due to voter initiatives.

Another new blog is that of our allies at Western Center on Law and Poverty, who are closely tracking the full range of human services cuts, including health care.

And finally, don’t forget California Budget Bites, by the team led by Jean Ross at the California Budget Project. Many other media and political sites will cover the budget, the big story in Sacramento this year, but these blogs, along with us here at Health Access, will confront the devils that are in the details.

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