Assembly passes key protections…

Earlier today, the Assembly passes two Health Access California sponsored bills, which now head toward the Senate.

AB1503 (Lieu) would prevent uninsured self-pay patients from being overcharged by emergency room physicians, which often charge 3-4 times what insurance companies pay for exactly the same services. This bill follow up from a 2006 law that prohibits hospital overcharging of the uninsured. The bill got broad bipartisan support, with 52 votes from both Democrats and Republicans, and zero “no” votes.

AB1521 (Jones) provides for better disclosure by insurance brokers when selling health coverage plans. It got 42 votes from Democrats, 23 votes from Republicans, with 15 members not voting or not on the floor during the unofficial tally.

We look forward to their hearing at the Senate Health Committee in the next few weeks.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.

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