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There will be a lot of deja vu tomorrow. In 2006, Governor Schwarzenegger hosted a health care summit also with Dr. Oz moderating, with many of the same participants. In that summit, the Governor promised that next year would the “year of health reform.” I remember having the shortest quote in the Los Angeles Times the next day, calling the event “surreal.” We’ll see what the impression is this year.

This is expected to be a different event, with much more participation by “real people” with stories of their experiences in the health care system. Back in 2006, nobody knew what Governor Schwarzenegger was thinking with regard to health reform. This year, President Obama comes with a clear commitment and principles, and a plan he actively promoted during the campaign.

Health Care for America Now! will be leafletting the Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Diego cites in support of the Obama principles, urging participants to take the next step and call Congress, both on the urgency of reform, to pass something this year, but also on the principles, on everything from ensuring affordability to providing a public health insurance option.

Once again, I’ll be reporting on twitter when I can, at @healthaccess, or www.twitter.com/healthaccess.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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