Watching the West Coast…

With all the back and forth about health reform in Washington, DC, California will get a little bit of the spotlight in the next week.

On Monday, April 6th, Governor Schwarzenegger, along with Washington Governor Christine Gregoire and a representative of the Obama Administration will host a Western Regional White House Forum on Health Reform, which will be held at The California Endowment in downtown Los Angeles. It will be a short hour-and-a-half event, with participation from satellite-linked events in San Diego, Oakland, and Clovis. But it will focus high-profile attention on the issue of our broken health care system, and the need for reform.

Tomorrow, we’ll be co-releasing a new California-specific report from Families USA that indicates that the number of people who have been uninsured over the past two years is actually larger than you might realize–uninsurance is not contained within a small population, but is something than many of us experience at some point. The report, based on data from the Census Bureau and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, reveals that, nationally, one out of every three non-elderly people, or 86.7 million Americans, were uninsured during 2007-08. The report will have California-specific numbers and demographic information.

California has a more significant health crisis than the nation as a whole, and so the attention is needed.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.

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