The other marriage debate…

As we noted last year, a Kaiser Family Foundation poll showed that 7% of Americans said they made a decision about marriage based on the need for health coverage.

A Wall Street Journal article by Sarah Rubenstein (reposted here under the title “Having health insurance makes you sexy” ) reported on how health coverage was an asset being advertised or sought in online personals ads on Craig’s List and other services.

This music video from Runawaybox graphically advances this trend into public consciousness (it’s OK for work… barely):

With current economic conditions and long-term trends, more people are losing access to employer-based group coverage, and are find themselves in the wild, wild west of the individual insurance market, which is the most expensive, least efficient way to get coverage–if you aren’t denied for a “pre-existing condition” in the first place.

It’s a truly broken system when the only or best place to get health coverage is at the altar.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.

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