The 1A opposition starts to form…

Today, a coalition of teachers, faculty, nurses, health care providers, seniors and public employees filed paperwork with the Secretary of State to form a ballot committee in opposition to Proposition 1A, the so-called “rainy day fund.”

“Prop 1A won’t be able to do what its supporters claim,” added Marty Hittleman, President of the California Federation of Teachers in the press statement. “This constitutional amendment, supported by the Governor and legislators was developed with no public scrutiny and won’t stop the budget chaos. Once voters read this proposal with their own eyes, they will see that it is flawed and overly complicated, and will give extraordinary new and unrestricted power to the governor and his political appointees, with no checks and balances.”

For a fuller discussion of the problems of Proposition 1A, you can read this transcript of a Los Angeles Times editorial board visit of Janis Hirohama of the League of Women Voters, Jean Ross of the California Budget Project, and myself. It’s appropriately titled, “short-term revenue, long-term problems.”

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