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The Western White House Regional Forum on Health Forum is this Monday, April 6th, at The California Endowment in downtown Los Angeles, starting at 10:30am.

Much of it will be broadcast at the White House Health Reform website, at:

This is the fifth and last of these regional forums. Here’s one independent report from The American Prospect. For more about past forums, there’s an archive of photos, transcripts, and materials here:

The Endowment has this description on their website and blog:

Gov. Schwarzenegger and Gov. Chris Gregoire of Washington State will lead the meeting along with President Barack Obama’s Domestic Policy Adviser Melody Barnes, and Dr. Mehmet Oz will facilitate the discussion. Approximately 175 policymakers, health care stakeholders and California residents will attend the event in Los Angeles, with another 400 participating in the conversation from satellite locations in Oakland, Clovis and San Diego.

The Governor’s website will also broadcast the event, and will also host a live Q&A webcast at 2:30pm after the proceedings.

As we’ve done with major hearings, I’ll also be twittering from Los Angeles on Monday reports and impressions, at @healthaccess, or Follow us!

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