Watching our mouths…

The biggest “trigger” cut in health care is the elimination of adult dental coverage. What does losing access to dental care mean?

The elimination of adult dental benefits will cause considerable harm not only to the 3 million low-income parents, seniors and persons with disabilities that depend on Medi-Cal. They will either go without, or fall into medical debt.

The impact won’t stop there. The almost 4 million children who rely on Medi-Cal and Healthy Families for dental benefits may also lose access to care. Experts tell us that the elimination of Medi-Cal adult dental benefits will have the effect of collapsing the entire provider network. Clinics and others who now subsist on Denti-Cal would not be able to survive just on children’s services… they may very well close altogether. In other words, this will impact not just the “age blind and disabled,” but children as well.

Pain due to lack of dental care was the most common cause of missed school days in the LA Unified School District as well as other school districts prior to the creation of Healthy Families. The elimination of adult dental and the concomitant collapse of the provider network could very well return California to those days.

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