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With the good news about the court case regarding Healthy San Francisco, I was reminded that Mayor Gavin Newsom did his State of the City address this year by YouTube, and had a 45-minute segment focused on health care. In the first 14 minutes, he gives his perspective about Healthy San Francisco, which is becoming the focal point of health services in the city by the Bay.

Mayor Newsom focuses on certain aspects of the San Francisco plan, which are central to his perpective running a city and county; while there may be other aspects that are more relevant to the national health reform debate, such as aggressive enrollment efforts, employer responsibility, or investment in safety net institutions. Either way, there’s a lots to learn.

At the Assembly Health Committee hearing, Tangerine Brigham, the director of Healthy San Francisco, did indicate that other localities were looking at it. In fact, Howard County in Maryland has replicated the “access plan” aspect that connects patients to the local safety net, in an effort called, somewhat humorously, the Healthy Howard plan.

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