At a 7:30pm session today, Senate President Darrell Steinberg laid out the consequences of not passing a budget tomorrow, Wednesday: 20,000 state employees get laid off, 256 construction projects get stopped, leading to tens of thousands of more private sector jobs losses. The ripple effect will be even greater.

He laid out the political situation. There’s 2/3 majority to vote for the current budget package in the Assembly, and all Democrats are voting for it in the Senate, but there aren’t the needed votes from Republican Senators.

In order to “spotlight” the problem, he’s adjourning the session tonight, but will have the vote at 10am tomorrow, and will place it “on call until we get it done.” He promised to keep everybody in the Chamber until a budget was passed: “Bring a toothbrush!” He added: “No one goes back to their normal life” until there is a resolution.

I’ll post in a second on some of the heated discussion afterwards…

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