The Crisis in Conference Naming…

This Wednesday in Sacramento is the conference of Insure The Uninsured Project, entitled this year, “Bridging the Gap During a Time of Crisis.”

Health Access California is pleased to be among those honored this year during lunchtime, in celebration of our recent 20th anniversary.

Given the state budget crisis, the tone is likely to be more anxious than at the national Families USA conference, which is more focused on the federal opportunities. But even here in California, there are real possibilities for progress in the next two years, through bills and the ballot. (Of course, that may change is the Legislature decides to tie our hands with a spending cap that forces future cuts and prevents progress on our unmet needs.)

Speakers include Secretary of Health and Human Services Kim Belshe, and Assembly Health Chair Dave Jones. There’s a very large stakeholder panel at the end of the day (on which I’ll participate), which might be interesting only to see if any alliances have shifted with time, and how different stakeholders might be thinking differently now that federal reform is pending.

Information about the wonkfest is available at their website.

While we are on the subject, another conference coming up soon is that of the California Budget Project, March 19th, also at the Sacramento Convention Center, entitled “From Meltdown to Rebound: A Crisis is a Terrible Opportunity to Waste.” You know things are bad when conferences planned for months in advance refer to the “crisis” with no assumption that it will be remedied soon.

CBP has good speakers planned, including UC-Berkeley economist, media scold, and blogger Brad DeLong, who is always worth reading.

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