The budget drama continues…

In an late-night session of the California Senate, the news was not about the budget. Instead, there was news that the Senate Republicans elected a new leader, Dennis Hollingsworth, to replace their current one, Dave Cogdill.

Soon after midnight, Senate President Steinberg put up the budget bills that includes the taxes, and placed the measure on call. The vote was along party lines, with four absentations, Democratic Senator Correa, and Republican Senators Ashburn, Cogdill, and Cox. The common wisdom is that Senator Cox’s support (or that of Senator Maldonado, who voted No) would allow the others to case a vote knowing it will put the bill over the top.

After a uncomfortable silence with guards preventing anyone from leaving the chamber, the Senate President called a recess, but Senators are restricted to stay in the building.

We’ll keep watching…

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