Me and Julio down by the schoolyard…

The media loves Julio Osegueda, the famous “last question” at President Obama’s Fort Myers town hall last week. In The New Republic’s The Treatment today, I suggest we use his example and enthusiasm for the health reform effort:

So, yeah, he’s a character. But all the interviewers, from MSNBC or CNN, miss the real story: he has worked hard for over four years at McDonald’s but doesn’t get health coverage.

We at Health Access California remember that in 2004, McDonald’s was the biggest funder in opposition of Proposition 72, which would have required large companies to either provide health coverage to their workers, or pay into a purchasing pool that would do so. It hasn’t been a surprise that chain & fast food restaurants have been spearheading the (so far unsuccessful) legal challenge to San Francisco’s Health Security Ordinance.

So as a McDonald’s employee, Julio is asking a question that strikes deep to the need for health reform. The good news for McDonald’s is that while all health reforms in the discussion (from the Baucus plan to AB x1 1 to single-payer) require some employer contribution to health care, they generally offer a good bargain, with the costs less expensive and even subsidized from what health coverage would cost now. And in return, the employer would get a covered workforce that is healthier, more productive, and with less turnover. They should be as enthusiastic as Julio.

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