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Perhaps the only good thing about the standoff over the budget is that version of the bills in consideration are now online. They are usefully compiled at Around The Capitol, at:

Here are the bills of interest to health care advocates (the Assembly and Senate versions are usually identical):

* Mid-year adjustments in the 2008-09 budget: ABxxx 1 (Evans), SBxxx 1 (Ducheny)
* The 2009-10 budget bill, with reductions: ABxxx 2, (Evans), SBxxx 2 (Ducheny)
* The health trailer bill: ABxxx 5 (Evans), SBxxx 5 (Ducheny)
* The general government trailer bill: ABxxx 8 (Evans), SBxxx 8 (Ducheny)

* Changes to Prop 10 (tobacco tax for children’s services): ABxxx 9 (Evans), SBxxx 9 (Ducheny)
* Changes to Prop 63 (upper income tax for mental health services): ABX3 10 (Evans), SBX3 10 (Ducheny)
* Setting an election for May 19, 2009 to consider several items: ABX3 11 (Evans)

* Temporary tax increases: SBX3 3 (Ducheny)

* The constitutional amendment for a spending cap ACAX3 2 (Bass)

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