Deals coming down…

There’s reports on a budget framework of a deal, in the Los Angeles Times, Sacramento Bee, and other publications. Jean Ross at California Budget Bites has some analysis as well.

The deal includes many cuts, some temporary taxes, and–most concerning to health advocates–a spending limit.

A spending cap would force cuts in health care and other vital services, well into the future. With health care inflation and an aging population, a cap would simply force additional cuts to the health system we all rely on. A cap won’t just lock us into a broken health system where we are 50th in the nation in per-patient Medicaid spending–it would force automatic cuts, into the future.

It looks like there are some health care cuts, and even more severe ones depending on whether we get enough from the federal economic recovery package–which had the differences yesterday between the Senate and the House.

The economic recovery package is essential to help California prevent even more devastating cuts to health care and other vital services. While the federal package includes important help for California’s high number of newly unemployed residents, it falls short of what is needed, and what the House of Representatives proposed. Some unemployed will be able to keep their coverage because of this package, but we will still see a spike in uninsured Californians because of the provisions taken out of the final deal.

More to come.

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