Daschle update…

There was a “Blackberry moment” Friday evening, during a Washington, DC conference of health care reform advocates–which had been filled with cautious optimism after years of waging mostly defensive battles at the national level.

Health wonks and hacks huddled over their phones to get the news that broke late in the evening about Sen. Daschle’s tax issues, and it caused some to order another drink at the hotel bar. Many believe Senator Daschle has the right good mix of both the policy and political experience and savvy to shepard health reform as the Secretary-designate of Health and Human Services. He released a letter of explanation and apology today, Monday. President Obama has expressed his continued strong support for his nominee.

Ezra Klein at the American Prospect has several posts today on the specifics and the implications. The need and urgency for health reform is bigger than any one person, but every hiccup hurts the momentum…

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