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David Williams at the Health Business Blog hosts Health Wonk Review this week.

While we are linking around, The Health Care Blog and Ezra Klein have good reports from the Academy Health conference, featuring reports from the comments of White House health reformer Jeanne Lambrew, Senator Max Baucus and California Congressman Xavier Becerra, all saying good things about the urgency and timing of health reform.

There’s lots of consternation at The Treatment and elsewhere about the possibility of Tennessee Governor and managed care executive Phil Bredesen–who mercilessly slashed TennCare a few years ago–being a replacement for Senator Daschle. It seems outrageous unimaginable–but perhaps some are unsettled by the notion of Commerce Secretary Judd Gregg. Bredesen is as jarring–but in the largest and key department. That won’t happen, especially since there is a long list of qualified, experienced, passionate folks on this issue.

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