Back in health care world…

Even with the honoring of Capt. Sully, the pilot who managed to land a plan in a river despite having no engines working, the main event in the Capitol is clearly the budget. Every speaker at the honoring event invoked the budget. Back on health care policy issues, two things this afternoon:

There’s an Assembly Health Committee, chaired by Assemblyman Dave Jones, on the “transparent reporting of quality data and outcomes.” It’s a huge, important topic, that’s the key to health reform, in the effort for better patient safety, quality improvement, and cost containment. One of our board members, Betsy Imholz from Consumers Union, is testifying, with several of our allies (and opponents) in the transparency fight. It’s also good to see the new Assembly Health Committee in action, with the new members getting grounded in some of these technical issues.

There’s also a briefing and celebration of the signing of SCHIP, with a briefing entitled, “How Will California Seize Opportunities Provided By SCHIP Reauthorization and Other Federal Initiatives?” The briefing and reception is from 3-5pm, at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel at 1230 J Street here in Sacramento.

Lots going on, indeed.

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