The beginning of change…

The New York Times’ Robert Pear reports that President Obama (!) is started by undoing some of the worst of the Bush Administration’s actions on health coverage. This includes the “global gag rule” and the last-minute “provider conscience” regulation, both seeking to advance the President’s position on abortion. Undoing those may take a regulatory review.

One thing that can be more easily undone is restrictions on the State Child Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), insisting on one-year waiting periods for children to get enrolled and otherwise inhibiting states from expanding coverage to children. California appropriately objected.

We also complained that the Bush Administration made these changes not through a public process of developing regulations, but through a simple letter describing how they would adminster the program. But that means it’s a lot easier to overturn.

This will be the first in the real, tangible changes from having a new Administration.

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