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The new Health Wonk Review is being hosted at The Health Care Blog this week.

The California Budget Project has joined the blogosphere.

Paul Krugman of The New York Times goes over the relative economic impacts of taxes/tax cuts and government spending/budget cuts. It is public investment–like in health care–that we get the bang for the buck.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has new research on the need to provide assistance for child health insurance at higher income levels than when SCHIP started over 10 years ago, given the rise in premiums and the declining value of incomes.

With all the discussion around health plans by Baucus, or even Conyers, it’s important to note that Rep. Pete Stark has his AmeriCare health reform proposal in the mix as well.

More about the unacceptable status quo (getting worse since 1994!) from the Center for American Progress.

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