Events this week…

Health Access is pleased to co-sponsor the Working Families Summit, for this Tuesday, January 13th, from 9am-4:30pm.

Organized by the California Center for Research on Women & Families, the agenda at the Sacramento Convention Center has panels and plenaries on the budget, the safety-net, health care, and the broad range of issues impacting California’s families. We will be presenting, and it’s a conference where we can’t just show up and wing it… a lot of work was required of all presenters to make the day a meaty policy discussion.

You can register here.

We are also pleased to co-sponsor a screening of Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick? at the State Capitol in Sacramento, in the late afternoon of Wednesday, January 14th.

The California Endowment is hosting the screening, which will feature Larry Adelman, the series Executive Producer. The documentary series was shown last year on PBS, and is now available on DVD.

The big event is Governor Schwarzenegger’s State of the State on Thursday, January 15th. There’s lots of speculation of what he will say on the budget crisis, his rationale for vetoing the latest budget package, and even what he might say on health reform. Stay tuned.

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