They’re the reason for the season

So Assemblymember Chuck Calderon just got up and asked a question, which illustrated *exactly* why Bass needed to call this Joint Convention.

“Given that we’ve had bigger deficits in the past, why is this year different,” he asked, referring to past years when we have been able to “miraculously” balance the budget.

In past years, it is true that the Legislature has managed to close deficits of about $38 billion (i think that was 2003?). But the balance maneuvers were pretty tenuous: I’m thinking of the state’s attempts to borrow from the pension fund (and keep doing it even though state workers were suing) , and this past year’s decision to book the leasing of the lottery, for instance, even though we don’t know how much we can garner from that maneuver — especially since those revenues are declining also.

Mac Taylor , about an hour ago, also encapsulates things pretty well.

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