The time is now, especially now…

Unemployment is at its highest levels in 26 years, retail reports weak November sales, and AT&T and Yahoo slashing jobs. Even Blue Cross/Blue Shield wants a bail out now too — kind of.

Perfect timing, top economists say, for health reform.

Jonathan Gruber, MIT economics professor who modeled health reform proposals for Gov. Schwarzenegger and then-Speaker Fabian Nunez, gives his reasons in today’s New York Times.

Ken Jacobs, chairman of the UC Berkeley Center for Labor Studies and who also did a lot of work on health reform and the employer market in 2007 and the Healthy San Francisco program passed in 2006, gave his take in October.

And so has Paul Krugman at the NY Times.

The rationale: health care reform and investment will create desireable jobs in a growing and essential sector. Not doing anything will make our recession worse. Doing something, though it will cost money, will do us good.

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