Some legislators “in denial”

Speaker Karen Bass just had a press conference to lay out what her house would be doing the next few weeks of the emergency fiscal session, which will end in mid-January.

First off, she wants her colleagues to snap out of and realize that the state *really is* in trouble.
“I think some of my colleagues, on both sides, are in denial,’’ she said.

Hence the need for the “joint convention” (happening right this minute) to ensure all 120 lawmakers hear the same thing from the Department of Finance, Treasurer, Controller and Legislative Analyst.

“For new members – they need to hear the reality. For returning members – they need to hear how serious this has gotten,’’ she said.

Other things she said:

  • That the December package of solutions will look more like $24-$25 billion (higher than the $17 billion — half cuts, half revenues) from last month.
  • That the revenue package would likely look different, but we have no idea how, yet.
  • That the entire Budget Committee will hold a hearing on Education on Thursday (Dec. 11th) and one on Transportation the following week.
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