Say no to “Saying No.”

Senate Budget Subcommittee on Health is meeting this morning. Republican Sen. Roy Ashburn just chastised Democrats, specifically Sen. Elaine Alquist. Alquist had asked how plausible it was to expect aged, blind and disabled individuals, with incomes of about $870 could possible pay for rent and food on top of $270 for medical care.

“I only ask for real choices…and I don’t hear an answer on how this is really doable,’’ she had said.

Ashburn shot back that he was fed up with this type of examination of social programs.
“If that is going to be the reaction, then there are some in this committee that are not going to go for cut. And there are some who recognize the dire situation,’’ he said.

“I’m not advocating that we be heartless or harsh. But we can’t balance this budget if the answer is going to be ‘no.’’’ said Ashburn, who has signed the American’s for Tax Reform “no tax’’ pledge.

Does that signal a change on his part as well?

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