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MomsRising, which was active in supporting California health reform, is on the case about the threat to cut off California kids from coverage:

For the first time, kids in California who are eligible for healthcare coverage through the state’s Healthy Families Program might be denied coverage and put on a wait-list due to a funding shortfall. Unless the Governor and California Legislature act in the next few days to identify funding for the program, over the next six months as many as 162,000 kids won’t get the coverage they need during this economic downturn.

Now is not the time to cut healthcare for kids. Tell the Governor and legislators that when the economy is tanking, now, more than ever, families need health coverage to stay afloat:

Truly, this could not come at a worse time. Because of the current economic crisis, never before has the Healthy Families Program been more needed. Enrollment into the low-cost program is now at an all-time high, reaching an average of 27,125 additional children per month. Covering all kids is doable and there’s no reason to deny eligible children access to the health coverage they need. Because times are tough in California and other states, President-elect Obama has pledged to work with the new Congress in January to increase money for the states for children’s health coverage. We’re going to need your help in the coming months to make sure they make good on their promise. Then, we’ll play watchdog – when this money is sent to California, make sure the Legislature actually uses this money to cover all kids.

This is just one of the many efforts, by many organizations, to spotlight the impact of the budget crisis, and how these health care cuts hurt all Californians.

For more information about the proposed waiting list for Healthy Families, click here:

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