Dusting off old reports…

The California Performance Review (CPR) proposed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger several years ago in getting new life as a talking point for Republican legislators, looking for some alternative, any alternative, to raising taxes. There was a lot of such talk today.

So in the spirit of dusting off old reports, here’s the Health Access California analysis from back when, of the health-related portions of the CPR. I remember that many of the ideas seemed thrown-together. There was a proposed major reorganization that didn’t seem to accomplish much. We opposed several proposals for their impacts on consumers. A few ideas have been implemented, but most were rejected, and for good reason.

Regardless, as the Legislative Analyst Mac Taylor said today, even if California implemented every element of that package, the savings would be a fraction of what is needed to bridge the budget gap. If we need to, we can re-discuss the specifics, but that’s not the solution that will prevent the tough budget choices before us.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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