Congressional musical chairs…

In our hearty congratulations to our own California Congressman Henry Waxman about his elevation to chair the House Energy and Commerce Committee, we mentioned that his predecessor and competitor, Rep. John Dingell of Michigan, has been a champion of health reform in his own right.

So now Waxman is giving the man he dethroned, Dingell, a key role in sheparding health reform through this crucial committee. This is good in providing for unity in the caucus, which will be needed to pass major health reform.

So did anything really change? Yes. In this situation, Dingell sheparding reform but with Waxman as chair, still means that California’s concerns will get a fuller consideration. And that’s important because California’s health reform need are particularly acute, as a state with a high cost of living, more low-wage workers, less employer-provided coverage, more people denied for pre-existing conditions, etc.

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