What does Obama think? In his own words…

Lots of commentators, stakeholder groups, and bloggers are debating whether President-elect Barack Obama has the interest in, or the mandate for, comprehensive health reform.

Some are arguing that economic priorities must come first, that we can’t afford to fix our health care system until later.

Candidate Obama directly addressed this question on October 4th, just one month before the election:

”Now I know that at this moment, when we stand in the midst of a serious economic crisis, some might ask how we can afford to focus on health care. Well, let’s be clear: the rescue package we just passed in Congress isn’t the end of what we need to do to fix our economy – it’s just the beginning. Because the fundamentals of our economy are still not strong – contrary to what Senator McCain says. And we’ve got to address those fundamentals – and address them right now.

In other words, the question isn’t how we can afford to focus on health care – but how we can afford not to. Because in order to fix our economic crisis, and rebuild our middle class, we need to fix our health care system too.… So it’s clear that the time has come – right now – to solve this problem: to cut health care costs for families and businesses, and provide affordable, accessible health insurance for every American.”

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