The U.S. Senate lines up…

This has gotten lots of attention from a variety of places, mostly because of the speculation about Sen. Hillary Clinton’s future:


Washington, DC— Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, today established three working groups of the committee to deal with critical issues of health reform.

Under Senator Kennedy’s direction, the working groups will concentrate on three areas essential to comprehensive reform: (1) prevention and public health, (2) improvements in the quality of care, and (3) insurance coverage. Senator Tom Harkin will lead the working group on prevention and public health, Senator Barbara Mikulski will lead the working group on improvements in quality, and Senator Hillary Clinton will lead the working group on insurance coverage.

What it does mean is that we are getting more serious about federal reform, and more and more Senators are getting invested: Kennedy, Baucus, Wyden, Clinton, Harkin, Mikulski to start, and we’ve not started the legislative session yet (or even decided certain races). Change is coming.

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