Healthy Families during an Unhealthy Economy

The good news: With the economy quickly spiraling down the toilet, California’s Healthy Families program is enrolling more children than ever, reports the executive director of board running Healthy Families, Lesley Cummings. They’re now enrolling 28,000 children a month — and just enrolled its 900,000 child (!). It’s additional proof of the sucess of public programs.

The bad news: Sadly, ironically and when it’s needed most, the program will need to be cut. It’s short $17 million ( about .017% of the state general fund). The Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board will meet November 19th (10 days) to discuss whether they should begin putting new applicants on waitlists.

A decision will be made sometime in December.

With jobless rates rising — as reported today — and thousands more losing health coverage through work, either because a loss of jobs, or cutbacks on benefits by companies, the state is the last stop for these children. This is the worst time (not that there is a best time ) that the state should contemplate denying children who are eligible for coverage.

We will keep advocates abreast of news to come. Here, also, is the MRMIB agenda where the cuts will be discussed and instructions for how to comment and help prevent these cuts.
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