Clarity among the chaos…

Legislators are flying back in tomorrow (Tuesday) to vote on a budget proposal before the Thanksgiving holiday, and the end of the current, lame-duck legislative session.

What that budget proposal includes is unclear.

Rumors include possible revenues (the vehicle license fee?), but also significant cuts (but unclear in what areas or programs) and a spending cap proposal.

What is clear is our advocacy against the cuts:
* Further cuts to health care, like those the Governor has proposed, would not only directly deny coverage to hundreds of thousands of Californians, but harm the health system on which we all rely.
* In addition, the vast majority of proposed health care cuts would have a disproportionate impact on the economy, since California would be forgoing federal matching funds. In an economic recession, health care spending should increase, both to meet an increased need by California families, and because no other spending gives you an immediate doubling of economic stimulus.
* California has already made over $10 billion in cuts just this year; it is time to raise the revenues needed to match those cuts before going further. Further cuts to health and other vital services have been previously–and appropriately–rejected as too severe.

We also oppose a spending cap that would starve our health system, or prevent our state from meeting the health needs of Californians.

We’ll see what they do tomorrow.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.

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