California held hostage, continued…

Both the Assembly and Senate are currently debating a budget package of $8.1 billion in cuts, $8.1 billion in revenues.

There are big cuts in education, community colleges, higher education, local government and transportation. Core health services like Medi-Cal, which got some big cuts just a few months ago, does not have major changes proposed. In human services, the cuts include a reduction of SSI/SSP grants, suspend a cost-of-living increase for CALWORKS, and a reduction in regional center for people with developmental disabilities.

It’s good that some legislators are willing to support revenues to prevent worst cuts, including indexing personal income tax brackets and restoring the vehicle license fee.

But the state continues to be held hostage by Republican legislators beholden to a “no taxes” pledge, which has forced California to make over $10 billion in cuts in just the past few months.

It would have been better if the legislature passed $10 billion in revenues to match the cuts already made, before proposing additional cuts. But even this package, with its significant cuts and some revenues, is being opposed by Republican legislators, as the state budget hole gets deeper and deeper.

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