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Health care has certainly emerged as a top issue in the presidential campaign.

One things that I predict Senator McCain will do is decry Senator Obama’s health plan as “government-run health care.”

As he truthfully denies this claim, I would ideally like him to take a phrase from Jerry Seinfeld: It’s not government-run health care–“not that’s there’s anything wrong with that.”

After all, Senator McCain should know: as a military officer, a veteran, a government employee, and now as someone who qualifies for Medicare, Senator McCain is familiar with government-run health care, and he seems to have been well-served by it.

Obama is right to deny the claim. His plan allows people to keep the coverage they have, but also offer new and affordable options. He’s trying to win an election, and so doesn’t need to defend a proposal he has not authored. But he shouldn’t trash it either.
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