Wonkery for your weekend…

For those who need something to read beyond election polls:

David Harlow at HealthBlawg has this week’s Health Wonk Review, well worth reading, which includes my post on the McCain plan, which also got noticed by the Jason Rosenbaum at the Health Care for America Now! blog.

Ezra Klein at The American Prospect lists the reasons why employers seem to be wedded to our system of employer-provided health coverage, and his commenters add on. For those who support a shift to either a single-payer system or an “you’re on your own” individual market-based system, it’s worth considering.

Jonathan Cohn at The New Republic says the need, and likelihood, of health reform has grown, not shrank, with the economic calamities. Our friend Ken Jacobs at the UC-Berkeley Labor Center has an insightful editorial at the Sacramento Bee linking the economic crisis to the need for health reform.

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