Right, responsibility, privilege, commodity?

After this week, it’s clear that health care is a presidential-level issue. We have everything from television attack ads to key Paul Krugman op-eds on the health proposals. It got lots of conversation in the presidential debate tonight.

In answered to Tom Brokaw’s question, I would say that health care should be a right (as Obama answered, and his plan moves in that direction), and a responsibility (as McCain an answered, but whose plan shifts responsbility to the individual, rather than employers and others). Unfortunately, right now, to use other terms from the debate, health care is currently a privilege enjoyed by a shrinking majority, and a commodity that is costing us dearly.

Merrill Goozner at GoozNews asks if this is the first time a presidential candidate fully embraced the notion of health care as a right for every American. Regardless, it’s certainly progress.

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