Required reading…

With health care as a top election issue, there’s a real robust conversation on health policy in the blogosphere…

On A Healthy Blog, Brian Rosman of Health Care for All in Massachusetts has great, comprehensive one-stop shopping summaries of some of the health ads on both sides of this heated debate, especially at the presidential level. You can play many of the health-related ads from Obama and McCain, and some of the third parties as well.

Joe Paduda of the always insightful Managed Care Matters has the latest edition of the Health Wonk Review, which is especially good and thoughtful. It is telling that not in the entries, or in his own search, Joe couldn’t find a quality post in support of the McCain health plan. That still leaves lots to debate, including wildly divergent thoughts about the prospects for reform next year, in posts by Maggie Mahar, Len Nichols, Bill Scher, as well as posts by myself and my Health Access colleague Beth Capell.

Happy reading!

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