Feint Faint

Lots of stories today about how California’s budget has slid out of balance — already — just weeks after it was signed after an 81-day impasse. The state’s income is even *lower* than expected ($1.1 billion) opening up a $3 billion to $5 billion deficit (already).

Frankly — I’m shocked that anyone is shocked.

What did anyone expect from a budget that only balanced if you cocked your head to the side and squinted at the numbers. Only one very modest change to the yacht tax — amounting to 0.17% of the revenue solutions — is a permanent revenue source. The rest of the nearly $10 billion in revenues is made up of borrowing or one-time increases, the benefits of which are quickly reversed in subsequent years.

Meanwhile, children, seniors and others relying on state services bear the highest burdens in our continuing budget problems, experiencing longer waiting lists for medical care — if they are lucky enough to get *access* to medical care.

What’s scary, though, is the governor is already talking about more cuts. Why aren’t we talking about a real solution… Or maybe he secretly likes having to re-live negotiations with the Legislature every two weeks.

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